When "The Excessive Flatulence Self-Help Group" died with a blast and tribute-band "Spiral Drab" didn't succeed in conquering Japan, several members of both bands just had to meet at the local bar. As usual, plans were made and for once they were also carried out. Satan wasn't just in these fine young mens ass alone, so they decided to call the new band "The Hellphonics".


They immediately started attempting to make music according to the Holy Trinity of Rock n Roll, also known as the
"Triple-S-method" which states that rock n roll should be sleazy, swinging and sexy. Several bands in rock history have successfully embodied these cornerstones through their music and "The Hellphonics" have shamelessly stolen from them. Because of this and a couple of hundred other reasons, they aren't worthy to be named together with these great legends of rock n roll, so we will not name them here.

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